What is leadership? How are you at leading?

When you hear the word, ‘leader,’ you might think of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or other organizations that teach our youth leadership skills. Or you might think of leadership in the context of corporations where it is important for a leader to build teams. Leadership is highly valued and necessary in many contexts: in sports, in the military, and in business life.

Where there’s a leader, there are also followers. If you are the leader, why are others following you? Are they following you blindly because orders were issued? Or are you giving orders blindly because you need your paycheck? Or because you’re a parent doing the best you can to take care of your family?

Leaders make decisions and take actions. Ultimately, all leaders in all walks of life are role models for those around them.

Leaders are made, not born!

Leaders don’t only lead by their actions, but by who they are and how they take care of themselves. If you’re a parent, you’re one kind of leader. What messages are you giving your kids if you aren’t exercising or eating properly? What are you conveying to people around you, especially your family and your coworkers by your actions? What does it say to others if you never read a book, a newspaper or a magazine? Or if you get drunk all the time or don’t take time to improve yourself and your life? Or if you don’t take time for your spiritual life?

Like it or not, we watch other people and other people watch us. Especially if we are in a leadership position. As such, we need to look at what messages our actions convey to those around us. How do we want to be seen and heard in the world?

If you are a corporate executive, what does it say about you  if you yell at your employees to get them to do something or if you don’t treat them with dignity and respect? Do you take the time to talk to them, explain things and treat them as human beings who matter? Are you someone who puts food and water for homeless cats or are you someone who will turn your back and only help others if you get paid for your time?

I always ask my corporate executive clients the following questions: As leaders, do you only want followers? Or do great leaders mentor others to be leaders? Their responses always amaze me. Most have only thought of themselves as leaders leading followers and have never seen it as an opportunity for mentoring others.

Leadership starts with you.

How are you a leader in your own life? Are you codependent on others emotionally and often play the role of the victim? Do you blame others for your life and what happened to you? Or do you assume responsibility for your actions and your life?

What do you want to change in yourself to be the person, the leader, that you want to be?


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